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Mobil and ExxonMobil

Liberty Ship, S.S. John W. Brown

Linda Patch has worked for years as a consultant for Mobil’s and ExxonMobil’s national and world-wide public affairs divisions, supporting a wide range of marketing initiatives. She also supported the Mobil Foundation through ongoing media relations. Her projects have run the gamut from promoting major civic events to announcing major business news to publicizing foundation grants.

Project Liberty Ship

Linda Patch & Associates handled the promotion and media relations for the Liberty Ship S.S. John W. Brown’s visit to the Port of Boston. Her company developed the press kit and media lists, and oversaw all media relations. She was also responsible for coordinating with the organizers of Project Liberty Ship, as well as local veteran’s committees.

The Mobil Foundation

Linda Patch issued major grant announcements for the Mobil Foundation including awards to Habitat for Humanity, African American Women on Tour, Boys Club, United Way, YMCA, the Robin Hood Foundation, and numerous others. She was also responsible for national media relations for Mobil’s Educational Alliance.

Business News

Hundreds of business news announcements were handled through this office including major Mobil distributor awards, Mobil Business of the Year, Take Wing Promotion, Ski 3, Golf 3, Black History Month activities, and awards to company?executives.

Dealer Promotion

Linda Patch also dealt with fuel retailers from around the country to promote their community events to local media. Events include fundraisers for the Special Olympics, Make-A-Wish Foundation, D.A.R.E., the Arthritis Foundation, and a host of others. She also worked on numerous openings of On the Run convenience stores.

The Lighthouse Newsletter

Linda Patch & Associates developed and launched The Lighthouse, a quarterly newsletter for the New England Business unit. Her responsibilities on this project included initial conception, writing, editing, and supervision of the design, printing, and distribution.

Speech and Brochure Writing

Linda Patch wrote speeches for Mobil executives on a regular basis. She also was hired to write a number of brochures including recruitment pieces for Mobil’s “Strategic Hire Development Program.”

Crisis Management

Linda has also been trained to handle media relations as part of a Joint Information Center (JIC) team member in the case of a major environmental crisis such as an oil spill.